About Us

Welcome to Home Shopping Online, my name is Brett Heppolette.

I created Home Shopping Online and its associated sites; BestKitchenSupplier.com, ExerciseBikeUSA.com and InductionCookersBlog.com because I was bewildered by too much choice when shopping online.

My aim is to bring to you the Trending items and Best Sellers in Home, Kitchen, Exercise and Fitness to save you time and help you find the best products for you.

By using the “Price Comparison” facility and “Search Box” on these pages, you can find products on Amazon then compare prices on other sites such as eBay, BestBuy and others selling the same product, all with just one click.

As well as comparing prices of the products; on some of the items in the Shop you can request notification of Price Drops or you can add the item to a Wish List.

I hope you enjoy your visit to HomeShoppingOnlineUSA.com